April 16, 2016

A brief Introduction to Surah Al Rehman (The Ultimate Remedy)

A brief Introduction to Surah Al Rehman (The Ultimate Remedy):
The Start of Sound and wave Therapy in Pakistan was only by one man who was a MalaamtiQalandri Saint named Syed Safdar Ali Shah Bukhariwho is buried in a small village DhuddiThal near the city Lillah near Motorway.
He sacrificed his life for the humanity. He used to says frequently “sub se pyarkaronafratkisi se nakaro” (love for everyone and hatred for none).He slectedsurah Alrehman for healing, no particular reason is narrated by him why he selected this except that Allah has ordered him to do so. After considering approximately 10000 recitations of difrentQaries he selected Surah Alrehman of Qariabdulbasit of Egypt, later on scientific tests proved that its radiations and vibrations are far more than any other recitations and it literally create miracles.
With the perspective of Numerology and By the Quranic Numerologists it is narrated that vibrations and sound waves of surah Al Rehaman are difrent from other surahs of is persived that as the ayah mubarika

“so which of the favors of your lord, would you deny?”
Is repeated 29 times which is inversely proportion with the numbers of the name of Prophet MUHAMMAD(peace be upon him and on his children) which is 92. Surah AlRahman points out to the fact that Almighty Allah is the magnificent, he is the one who controls the whole universe. He is the most kind and merciful and is responsible for the creation of this Universe. He is the only one who is with man since the beginning of time. He sends down the book of Quran for the guidance of all mankind. It is further said that everything in this world moves according to a specific plan. He created man from a special type of clay. In short in this surah we can found almost every possible aspect of life with its counterpart. This is also considered that surah Alrehman is the surah of thanks giving. As Allah says in surah Ibraheem,

“If you be thankful to me, I will increase the blessings”

Some exemplary experiences regarding the impacts and blessings of Surah Rehman (The Ultimate Remedy)
(All the result and reports are available with different departments and organizations in black and white).
So many chronic patients are cured through the vibrations and positive and spiritual vibes of surah e Rehman. In which services hospital Lahore, ittifaq hospital Lahore are above all and notable.
Where in on experimental basis the recitation of this surah was played for the patients and surprising most patients got cured. Survival rate of these ICUs is far better in comparison.
Another experiment was done in children Hospital Lahore with help of duty doctors of the hospital.
The major purpose of this experiment to observe the impact of the surah that if a patient is having awareness regarding Allah and his blessings he can be blessed by it or if the patient infant , child or unaware about the blessings of Allah that what happens?
The results of these experiments are very remarkable and astonishing.
Another experiment was made on the same basis. This experiment was done in in July 2009 at KhudaBakhshMokal in the district sheikhupura under the supervision of Punjab dairy development association
The purpose of this experiment was that will “word of God” have only make impacts only on human being or it impacts on every creation.
When the recitation of this surah was played at dairy in front of these buffalos, thus resulted as a rapid growth in milk production.
Another experiment was made under the supervision Pakistan Agricultural Research Board, at the agricultural farm of MirzaGhulamSaqlain in shahkot.
Cultivation of Two adjacent agricultural pieces of land having same climate, same irrigational facility with same quality of seed and fertilizer, thes only was the way of harvesting the land, one piece of land was ploughed with recitation of surah e Rehman but the other piece of land was without it.
As Allah narrates that Quran is recited land lands gets soften. The results were remarkable that there was a difference of 40% in production. This is not possible under the normal circumstances.

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