1.       Lucky Alphabets G, J, Kh (khay)
2.       Ruling Planet Saturn
3.       Lucky Gem Indian Emerald, Topaz, Ruby, Diamond, Solomon’s Stone, Hessonite (Gomedic), Yupik
4.       Lucky Color Green, purple, Yellow, Golden
5.       Lucky Flower Carnation
6.       Lucky Day Saturday
7.       Lucky Date of Lunar Month 8th of lunar month
8.       Lucky Number 8
9.       Lucky Pet Chicken, Cow, Dove and Fish
10.    Suitable Metal Gold, Platinum
 11.   Sadqaat  Kalay maash (black gram) , daal mash (black lantil) , kalay til (black saseme) , suraj mukhi ke beej (sun flower seed) , loha (iron) , kala tale (black oil) , syah kapra (black cloths)
12. Basic Element Earth



Most common Physical Appearances of the personalities related to Capricorn

Mostly Capricorn personalities are Tall slender together with an extensive face. They can be extremely attractive or gorgeous. They usually have dark hair and sloping forehead along with a long neck. They can have problems with weak knees and legs. Breasts of a Capricorn female are mostly small but firm and beautiful.

Good Looking


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  • Anything related to skin and bones because its nature is of restriction and generally slowing things down
  • Anything that is degenerative is ruled by it
  • It produces blockages and is associated with poor growth
  • Dental problems
  • skin problems
  • arthritis



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Suitable profession:

  • Any kind of job, services or business related to science and inventions like scientific researches and rephrasing scientific laws
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to IT and computers like software engineering, computer’s mechanics and mechanism, web technology and online marketing
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to related to finance and banking
  • Any kind of job, services or business related to managements and administrations
  • Any kind of job, business or services related to Editorials and editing



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  • Compatible star

Libra, Cancer, Aries

  • Incompatible star

Pisces, Aquarius

Fall In Love


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Sexual and Romantic life

Mostly Capricorn personalities are extremely lusty hungry for sex. They can do anything to get the desired sex mate and even life partner because they believe in extremism in love and sex so they can devour their partner in the bed like a hungry wolf. They are too much demanding while having sex. They are very passionate in love and sex so they are very possessive about their partners. It is also seen that Capricorn people can also be the ultimate sex machines, some most renowned rapist and serial killers of the past were born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. After experiments and reading of various Capricorn personalities it is proven that they are best at full swing hard core wild sex. They are also very good lickers.

Sex Appeal


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India Bulgaria, Mexico, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Albania, Afghanistan, Lithuania, Bosnia, Brunei, Czech Republic, Haiti, Nauru, Slovakia and Sudan.


Brandenburg, Brussels, Delhi, Mexico City, Port Said, Oxford and Ghent.



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