Sound & Wave Therapy

What is sound and waves therapy?

Modern science is just now recognizing what the ancient mystics and saints have told us for years, everything is in a state of vibration. It is stated in another way:  All matter is emitting a frequency or a sound wave. From the electrons moving around the nucleolus of an atom, to the planets in our galaxies, everything is emitting sound waves, no exceptions. Just because we cannot always hear them, does not mean they are not there.

The human ear is capable of hearing sounds between 16 and 16,000 cycles per second, which is a very narrow range. Dolphins and whales are capable of hearing sounds that are in the 250,000 cycles per second range.

Everything that is in a state of vibration has a natural rate at which it vibrates, an optimum range if you will, and that rate is called resonance. When we are in resonance, we are in balance. One of the ways we can use sound to heal the body is to recognize that every organ, every cell, every bone and gland of the body absorbs and emits sound and has a resonant frequency.

Scientific studies show that sound waves can produce changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine and neuropeptide systems of the physical body. In fact, our bodies are capable of absorbing sound that is outside our normal range of hearing. This means that all the sound wave frequencies that are in our environment, especially the ones we can’t hear like microwaves, cell phones, etc. are having an impact on our health and on our frequencies, and our resonate state of being.

Traditionally, reaching the deepest levels of meditation took months and years of dedication, discipline, and practice. But today’s pressure-packed, 24/7 world leaves little time to achieve this kind of deep relaxation. Many of us, in fact, never even get to experience even the benefits of a deep, truly restorative night’s sleep. Science has long known about brainwaves—patterns of electrical activity generated by the billions of neural cells in the human brain. More recent discoveries have shown that when people listen to rhythmic sounds matched to a particular frequency; their brainwaves begin exhibiting the same frequency.

“To empower the mind to heal the body” This process is called “brain entrainment,” and it’s how Prescription Audio harnesses the power of the mind to help heal the body even in the acute and extreme cases like hepatitis, cancer, infertility, etc.

Introductio to Surah Alrehman (The Ultimate Remedy):

The Start of Sound and wave Therapy in Pakistan was only by one man who was a Malaamti Qalandri Saint named Syed Safdar Ali Shah Bukhari who is buried in a small village Dhuddi Thal near the city Lillah near Motorway.

He sacrificed his life for the humanity. He used to says frequently “sub se pyar karo nafrat kisi se na karo” (love for everyone and hatred for none).He slected surah Alrehman for healing, no particular reason is narrated by him why he selected this except that Allah has ordered him to do so. After considering approximately 10000 recitations of difrent Qaries he selected Surah Alrehman of Qari abdul basit of Egypt, later on scientific tests proved that its radiations and vibrations are far more than any other recitations and it literally create miracles.

With the perspective of Numerology and By the Quranic Numerologists it is narrated that vibrations and sound waves of surah Al Rehaman are difrent from other surahs of is persived that as the ayah mubarika

“so which of the favors of your lord, would you deny?”

Is repeated 29 times which is inversely proportion with the numbers of the name of Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and on his children) which is 92. Surah Al Rahman points out to the fact that Almighty Allah is the magnificent, he is the one who controls the whole universe. He is the most kind and merciful and is responsible for the creation of this Universe. He is the only one who is with man since the beginning of time. He sends down the book of Quran for the guidance of all mankind. It is further said that everything in this world moves according to a specific plan. He created man from a special type of clay. In short in this surah we can found almost every possible aspect of life with its counterpart. This is also considered that surah Alrehman is the surah of thanks giving.  As Allah says in surah Ibraheem,

“If you be thankful to me, I will increase the blessings”