1.       Lucky Alphabets P, Gh (Ghain)
2.       Ruling Planet Mercury
3.       Lucky Gem Diamond, Emerald, Blue Topaz, Golden Topaz, Turquoise, Yellow Agate, Aqua Marine, Zircon
4.       Lucky Color Green, Black, Blue, Fawn color
5.       Lucky Flower Lotus
6.       Lucky Day Wednesday
7.       Lucky Date of Lunar Month 2nd of lunar month
8.       Lucky Number 5
9.       Lucky Pet Cow, buffalo, all breeds of parrots and chakor (chukar partridge)
10.   Suitable Metal Mercury, Silver
 11.   Sadqaat  Sabat mung (green gram), dal mung (green lentil , mungray (mung beans), bajra (pearl millet), ghee (clarified butter), hari sabzi (green vagetables), sabz kapra (green cloth)
12. Basic Element Earth



Most common Physical Appearances of the personalities related to Virgo

Mostly Virgo personalities are having a middle build slim body. They also have a dark complexion and dark brown hair. Usually Virgo personalities have round faces and delicate features. They also have a small shrill voice. They also possess a well-composed body. Virgo rules the abdominal organs and duodenum.

Good Looking


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  • Anxiety
  • Every type of nervous tension
  • Every type of sickness and disease related to bowel and digestive system disorders
  • All kind of intestinal disorders
  • All types of abdominal disorders



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Suitable profession:

  • Any kind of job, business or services related to Statistics like surveyors and statisticians
  • Any kind of job, business or services related to literature and print media like editing, Writing, poetry, research and criticism
  • Any kind of job, business or services related to languages like interpreters translators
  • Any kind of job, business or services related to Teaching
  • Any kind of job, business or services related technology or Technicians
  • Any kind of job, business or services related to investigations and Detectives



out of 12 Zodiac Signs

  • Compatible star

Capricorn, Taurus

  • Incompatible star

Gemini, Pisces

Fall In Love


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Sexual and Romantic life

Mostly Virgo personalities are good at sex. They are more tended toward kinky and unusual sex types. They can also go for incest or homosexual relations. They also can be sex freaks. They mostly do toe curling sex. After experiments and reading of various Virgo personalities it is proven that they are best at kinky and teasing sex, they are also very good at strip teasing and seducing. Regardless of all these fact they are sweetest in bed.

Sex Appeal


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Crete, Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, West Indies, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador Estonia Guatemala, Honduras, Mali, Mexico, Moldova Qatar and Tajikistan.


Athens, Paris, Toulouse, Corinth, Lyons, Boston.



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